Doubloon Symbols Guide


Doubloon Symbols Guide
[full_width] One of the important symbols on your cards is the area of effect. Like with other powers, this indicates where and who the doubloon affects. Some doubloons affect the entire ally team (indicated by the green team icon), some affect the enemy team (indicated by the red team icon), some summon or affect a neutral area or single space (indicated by the orange icon - can be a single space or multiple), and some affect a particular area of the battle board (indicated by the red "one" icon - can be larger numbers to indicate a larger area of effect).

On doubloons, you'll see two arrow symbols, a green arrow with a plus sign that indicates a buff, and a red arrow with a minus sign that indicates a debuff.

Beyond these icons, the card also shows the range and can have other symbols based on what the doubloon does. Here are some of the symbols you'll encounter and what they mean. Note that symbols indicating a particular summon are not included.

Rounds: This icon indicates a number of rounds.
Movement: This icon indicates movement range and increased walking distance.
Range: This icon indicates the range of the power, which can be anything from one to infinite.
Accuracy: This icon indicates accuracy, or the ability to land a hit successfully.
Dodge: This icon indicates dodge, or the ability to avoid a hit successfully.
Agility: Indicates the base stat agility, affecting agility-based weapon damage, and agility-based critical attack and block chance.
Strength: Indicates the base stat strength, affecting strength-based weapon damage, and strength-based critical attack and block chance.
Will: Indicates the base stat will, affecting will-based weapon damage, and will-based critical attack and block chance.
Weapon Power: This icon indicates weapon power, affecting attacks that use your weapon.
Spell Power: This icon indicates spell power, affecting attacks that do not use your weapon.
Magical Damage: This icon indicates magical damage that is affected by spell power.
Armor Piercing: This icon indicates armor piercing.
Health: This icon indicates health.
Fire: This icon indicates fires that damage units when they walk on or near them.
Ice: This icon indicates ice that blocks line of sight and acts as a physical barrier.