Getting Chests & Help


Getting Chests & Help
There are two ways to get multi-lock chests: hunting them in hidden areas or through combat. In regular areas, multi-lock chests spawn randomly at the same points that regular chests do. You'll need multiple players to open them (either 2 or 4 depending on the number of locks). To get chests from combat, you need to be fighting with two or more people. You will never encounter a chest from combat that you don't have enough people to open. And be careful - if someone exits the battle area, you may not be able to open a combat chest in time.

Everyone in the battle, regardless of whether or not they opened the chest, gets doubloons equal to the number of pirates in battle, so don't worry if you're fighting with three players and a two-lock chest appears.

Hunting chests in hidden areas is usually quicker, but unlike the no-auction gear pieces you can get from combat group chests, you only get a regular, auctionable item from these, in addition to your doubloons (plus a lot of gold). Some of the best hunting spots can be crowded at times, but if you're just getting started, sail around the last few worlds in particular, and check out Nova Aquila. Again, anywhere you see a normal chest spawn, a group chest might also appear. 

Don't leave your doubloon chests unattended. If everyone leaves a realm or area or zone within a realm, it can close. Chances are, the chest will be gone if you leave it unattended. Don't worry, the rumor that group chests "turn into" regular chests isn't true, but rather a product of leaving that chest, closing the area to save bandwidth, and finding that it has re-opened with a regular chest spawn when you return. The inverse is also true - regular chests will never turn into group chests. If you want to increase your odds of finding a chest with doubloons, be sure to open regular chests so that a new one will spawn. 

Different types of "chest routes" can have different respawn times, and this happens quite randomly. You may open chest A first, then B, and B will respawn first. You may open a group chest only to have a regular chest spawn immediately after. Consider switching realms and checking different locations to maximize your chest opening.