Using Doubloons in Combat


Using Doubloons in Combat
There's no need to add doubloons to your deck. Like Pirate101 powers, you already have them there, with no options to do anything but order them based on your personal preference (again like powers). Even that won't be a surefire way of getting the doubloons you want in combat. Like treasure cards in Wizard101, you can only use a doubloon once.

Wizard101 Spells are used many times and placed in the deck selectively Treasure cards are used once and placed in the deck selectively Wizard spells in decks are optional
Pirate101 Powers are used many times but must all be included Doubloons are used once but must all be included Pirate powers in "decks" are required
Regular spells or powers are used in each battle Treasure cards and doubloons are used once
You can increase your chances of getting what you want by decreasing the number of doubloons you have. Trade away extra to another character or account, and you'll be more likely (or even guaranteed if you trade away everything except what you want) to draw the right doubloons for a tough fight. They really do make a difference!

When you get in a battle, the doubloons show up on the right side of your screen. You will draw a number of doubloons based on the number of pirates in battle. One pirate means everyone draws one doubloon. Two pirates means two. If the battle is full, you'll have four doubloons to choose from. Easy enough, right?

Once you draw a doubloon, it won't go away until you use it. Not necessarily all of the copies you have of it, just one. Use a doubloon and you'll draw a new one next round. If you right click on a doubloon, you'll discard it and draw a new one next round (don't worry, you won't use it up - it will show up again in the next battle). If you know you'll be needing a specific doubloon, start digging!

Doubloons are used at the beginning of the round, before anyone takes their turn. If multiple people are using doubloons that round, doubloons will be used in the standard turn order, then regular turns will cycle back through.

There are some bosses that have some particularly potent epics and combos. Some doubloons allow you bypass those epics for a round (Sluggish), and can be enormously useful. Others will push back enemies and reduce their accuracy (Galewind, Hurricane, Maelstrom), which can be the difference between winning and losing a fight. Remember, you can bring four pirates in battle to increase the number of doubloons that show up, and since every player can use a doubloon every round, there are a lot of opportunities to pull off some cool tricks.

There are some fights where doubloons cannot be used. They are no longer allowed in PvP matches, for example. You also cannot use doubloons in the Stormzilla fight in Mooshu.