Pirate101: Jackrabbit Ju-Ju Doubloon

Doubloon Name: Jackrabbit Ju-Ju
Doubloon Level: 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75
Class That Acquires: Swashbuckler
World Acquired From: All
Effect: Increases movement by 50% for one turn and grants additional attacks

Talents are added rather than replaced with each level tier. So using a level 35 version will give a ranged unit, Quick Draw, Overwatch, Return Fire, and Burst Fire. After 45, the talents start increasing in rank instead. Epics are not simply applied, they are added to existing ones. So Musketeers with Quick Draw 2 would have Quick Draw 3 if using a level 5 version. No epics can currently exceed rank 3.

5 15 25 35
Ranged (Musketeer) Quick Draw Overwatch Return Fire Burst Fire
Magic (Witchdoctor) Intuition Readied Spell Counterspell Mojo Echo
Melee (Swash, Bucc, Priv) First Strike Repel Boarders Riposte Relentless

45 55 65 75
Ranged (Musketeer) Double Tap Quick Draw 2 Overwatch 2 Return Fire 2
Magic (Witchdoctor) Mojo Rising Intuition 2 Readied Spell 2 Counterspell 2
Melee (Swash, Bucc, Priv) Blade Storm First Strike 2 Repel Boarders 2 Riposte 2